Silent Monitoring Framework

Silent Monitoring Framework: New approach or already available?

Think about a framework that allows you to plug in various engines like voice biometrics, emotion detection, age and gender classification. The framework itself is runtime uncritical, works in near time and of course is PBX and IVR independent.

How it works: The framework realizes a silent monitor listening to the incoming audio stream. So it is running completely in the background. Dependant on installed and configured engines it pushes the results to either an application or an agent.

Use case: A bank wants to achieve additional transaction security by analyzing the biometric characteristics of the voice. So when a customer call comes in, an agent answers the call but in the background the silent monitoring framework invokes the biometric engine and speech data is collected. As far as the engine has gathered enough data the result is presented on the agent's desktop during the call. This could be done via traffic light indication or as absolute scores.

Do you know if such a product is already available? If not what do you think about market relevance and technical feasibility?

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